Deadline for extended abstract submission: November 30, 2019*

Deadline for full paper submission (competing for publication in the Journals associated to INEKA): February 1, 2020

*Although submission of an extended abstract is not mandatory, it is highly recommended so that authors can receive feedback.

Full Paper/Extended Abstract

The INEKA 2020 Guideline is an authors’ resource when preparing a manuscript for the conference. Authors should follow this guideline for extended abstracts, full papers.

General Instructions

All submissions must be in English language.

Each participant may submit only one paper to the Conference (individually or in collaboration with other co-authors).

Selected reviewers will review all submissions. These reviewers will make the final decisions regarding which papers are accepted for presentation at the INEKA Conference.

Authors must pay the Conference registration fee before presenting the paper in the parallel sessions.

The best papers presented at the Conference will receive a recommendation for publication in the special issues. INEKA has special issues in SSCI/JCR-ranked journal (WOS by Clarivate Analytics) and other prestigious journals participating in the Conference.

Sumbissions must use Times Roman font.

Registration Form

*Registration and sumissions are closed

Extended Abstract rules

Extended abstract between 250 to 750 words.

• Purpose–Reasons/aims of paper
• Research–Methodology
• Findings–Conclussions
• Discussion
• Research limitations
• Practical implications-Applications to practice
• If applicable, Social implications–Impact on society and/or policy
• In sum: Originality–What is new about it?

To see an example of an extended abstract, click here.

Full Papers rules

Papers should follow the General Instructions.

Remember, only full papers compete for publication in the Journals associated to INEKA 2020.

Journal requirements for submitted papers:

Before submitting your paper to a specific journal, you MUST ensure that you have fulfilled all of that journal’s style requirements. There are no specific requirements regarding paper length. Instead, the authors should adapt the papers to the specific requirements of each journal including length, style and format.  

Consider hiring a professional copyeditor to assist with your revision if necessary.

Copyediting is mandatory for acceptance for publication in elite international journals. The SSCI/JCR-ranked journal (WOS by Clarivate Analytics) Editor-in-Chief and/or publisher will reject any paper that does not meet the journal’s style requirements.

The following link provides some suggestions in case you need professional copyediting services.

Copyediting services